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Cabbie Update

What is the Cabbie Update? Well, in Las Vegas, many of the clubs pay cabbies to bring customers to their door, so in many instances, when you ask, "So, what's the best club to go to?", you might not be getting an answer based on the truth. This section will keep you updated on what the cabbies get paid to bring you to a particular club. The following is the per head rate the club offers the cabbies. Also check out my cabbie rant in my 2 cents section. If you have any updates or corrections, please send them to LMR.

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What the cabbie gets paid to bring you there
Thee Place $25
Hide N Seek $25
Can Can Room $20
Forbidden Club $12 first trip, $15 second trip.
Cheetahs $10
Deja Vu $10
Lil' Darlings $10
Pussycat Theater $10
Spearmint Rhino $10
StripTease $10
Wild J's $10
Club Paradise free passes to cabbies to sell for $5 or $10.

The Palomino gives out a raffle ticket worth $2 to $250 in a monthly drawing to the cabbies instead of cash.

Glitter Gulch offers $1000 to any cabbie that mentions Glitter Gulch to a mystery rider every day.

The remainder of the clubs either pay $5 or less or don't pay the cabbies at all.


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