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Can Can Room


Club Information

  1. Address: 3155 Industrial Rd
  2. Phone: (702) 737-1161
  3. Cover: $20
  4. Drink Minimum: One (1) non-alcoholic drink at $5
  5. Hours: 8pm-5am
  6. Type of Club: Nude, no alcohol
  7. Dance Prices: Table or Private $20 and up
  8. Dancer Notes: $15 stagefee + 40% to house for private shows
  9. Website:

Club Review

The Can Can Room is located on Industrial right in between Deja Vu and Crazy Horse Too. Being an all nude club, of course there is no alcohol. The cover is $20.

The girls in this club are all fairly friendly, however, most do not approach you for dances unless you really express an interest either at stage or by calling them over to you. The stageshows are fair, and you can get some mild action by stage.

Features perform on weekends, and that's a plus for this club.

Lap wise, this place has been varied depending on when you visit and whom you lap with. They charge $70 for 15 minutes, $120 for 1/2 hour, and $170 for a full hour. HOWEVER, most of these aren't really laps but rather extended private shows or airdances. The girls no longer offer $20 lap dances which were, in the past, fairly tame. Note, however, that if you do enjoy this type of entertainment, go through the dancers themselves to ask for the dance, or else the waitress/hostess will also get a cut of the dancer's money.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C+ Small and Dark
  • Dancer Attitude: B- From Foe to Friendly
  • Attractiveness: B- Very Average
  • StageShow: B- Okay right by stage
  • Lap Dance: D Lots of Air



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