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Club Information

  1. Address: 2112 Western Ave (Click here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-384-0074
  3. Cover: Free before 8pm, $5 - weeknights, $10 - weekends
  4. Hours: 24 hours
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Dancer Notes: $35-$55 stagefee

Club Review

[TOP 5]

After you've paid the $10 cover during prime hours, you should receive a Cheetahs pass which will be good for up to a year. As you walk in through the double smoked glass doors, there is a room to your right which is the new VIP room. It has room for about 30 patrons along with their dancers in padded bench/couch style seating. If you pass that and continue onward, there is a medium sized stage with 2 poles. The dances in the new VIP room and in the side stage room are $20 and aren't much different than the dances out on the floor. There is a barrier wall to you right blocking the view to the entrance of the bathrooms. As you walk further in, you'll see the main center stage to your right with 4 poles, and on the left, there are 4 mini stages with a singular pole for each stage. The bar is to the left and runs almost 3/4 the length of the second room down to the DJ booth. There are comfy seats around round tables all over the main floor. The old VIP room, which is now the so called champagne room is to the rear of the place next to the DJ booth.

The stageshows vary, and there are usually two or more dancers on stage. Only a few dancers get the stage by themselves. There were a few gals who really were quite good with their pole work. There are quite a few lookers here. The shift from 1pm-9pm has some great looking women. The night shift starts at 9pm and there are usually more women as well as some incredible looking one's. It thins out during the morning shift, but you can still find your diamonds in the rough.

Laps, in the chairs, in the main room are $20 a pop. The dances in the front VIP room are also $20. The dances on the couches in the main room are also $20. So at this point, unless you like the VIP room for some odd reason, there really is no difference. The dances in there are not really going to be any better. You're almost better off in one of the chairs in the main room in a dark corner. However, the new VIP/Champagne Room, located where the old VIP room once was, now costs $100 for 4 dances. The laps range from mild contact to some pretty decent contact, although mostly from the girl's end, not yours. You do have to pick whom you lap with carefully. Just sit and watch for awhile, you'll most likely see what you like in a very short amount of time.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: B (nice looking club)
  • Dancer Attitude: A- (very friendly)
  • Attractiveness: B- (some nice lookers)
  • StageShow: B- (could be better)
  • Lap Dance: B- (okay mileage)
  • VIP Room Lap: B- (no different)
  • Champagne Room Lap: B- (also the same)



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