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Club Information

  1. Address: 147 Mason St
  2. Phone: 415-771-7564
  3. Cover: $15 before 6pm, $20 after 6pm
  4. Hours: 11am-3am, 4am on weekends
  5. Type of Club: Nude
  6. Last Visit: 1/5/98
  7. Dancer Notes: $32 rent + $5 doorman tipout
  8. Homepage:

Club Review

Located in downtown San Francisco, this club is pleasant change from the other clubs in the area. A few buildings down from the the corner of Mason and Geary, the Chez Paree is located right next to an Adult video/book store. You can spot the telltale CP leg from down the block. Moved to this particular location over 3 years ago from a location several blocks down the street, the CP has been owned by Steve Moses for approximately 12 years.

Be careful when driving down these streets as there are more one way streets here than golf balls on a driving range. As always, parking is a bear in San Francisco, but there is parking next to the CP available for $6. Once you get to the door, there is a $20 cover, unless you're getting there before 6pm, in which case, it's $15.

When you walk into this place, it is dark, but not dark enough to where you can not see what is going on. There is a bar to your immediate left, tables and chairs spread throughout the club, and several bench style seats along the far wall to the right. There are also two booths to the very right just as you walk in for lap dancing. When I say booth here, I don't mean the semi-enclosed Deja-Vu style of booth, but rather a full booth with a cloth curtain that encloses the whole thing. Very private. From the entrance, the stage is straight ahead of you and has a single pole. The ceilings are fairly high allowing ample room for good polework. Right past the stage on the right, in a center corridor, are several more (6 or 8) lap dancing booths and the bathrooms are at the very end.

There is a wide variety of girls here. All fairly attractive, but not in your traditional Playboy/Penthouse sense. A comment I made when I was there was that these are the type of women that if they got dressed in street clothes and walked outside, you'd almost never know that they were dancers, and that's meant as a compliment.

More about stage shows. The girls really get into it here. They usually do a 3 song set and there seems to be a lot of customer interaction. Many of the dancers will bring different props and/or costumes onto stage to spice up their act. Ice seems to be a big thing here, so when you're sitting at the tip rail, be sure to get your drink with extra ice. Overall, the dancers will range from fairly average to spectacular in their stageshow performances.

The laps are $20, $40, or $60 depending on whether you prefer clothed, topless, or nude. What are the hints? Well, in San Francisco, it is much harder to tell, especially when things happen behind a privacy curtain. Overall, the mileage of laps here are high, with fairly free roam of your hands; a far cry from most other California clubs. However, as to what you can and can't touch, that will wholly depend on the dancer.

There is also a shower show, but it's basically you watching one of the dancers take a shower. Your best bet with this if you're really into it is for you to get two dancers to take a shower together. Viewing mileage will definitely increase.

Overall, this club has a very homey feeling to it. You can either spend very little or a lot in this place depending on your fancies. But regardless of what you end up doing, you'll most likely have a very good time.

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