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Club Information

  1. Address: 3100 Sirius (Click Here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-252-8559
  3. Cover: $12 + two $5 drinks
  4. Hours: 7pm-4am
  5. Type of Club: Nude
  6. Last Visit: 3/1/98
  7. Dancer Notes: $40 stagefee + 2 drinks + $5 per dance to house + tipout to DJ/Bouncer

Club Review

This is one of the only newer clubs which has survived. Even though this club is located in the middle of nowhere, the owners are claiming this club to be the new Adult Playground. The club is located in the back of a warehouse complex, where the old Generation X underground Rave club used to be.

The place is decorated like no other clubs I've seen. You can tell right at the front door that you're not in Kansas anymore. It kind of looks like a mix between a jungle and mountains along with a volcano on stage. Fairly large and exotic looking with green carpeting. It does have sort of an industrial look to it. Maybe a throw back from the rave days. Hard to explain. You'll have to see the club for yourself. The inside has just been remodeled and it's consitent with that jungle theme. There are now several theme rooms as well as new private dance booths on the far left of the club towards the stage. The main stage has two poles, and very high ceilings, so gals with talent can show off here.

Being in the middle of nowhere, the action varies from day to day. The quality of girls will also range quite a bit as this club has quite a fast turnover. They also claim that they will be having features, but appearances are sporadic at best.

DJ/MC Roger D is really great with crowds and bachelor parties. If you're going for a bachelor party, call first to make sure he's working. You won't be disappointed.

Now as far as the laps, all dances are now $20. They seem to have ladies choice (gal picks guy for a quick free dance), pop goes the weasel (gals rotate during dance), and 2 for 1 specials. The main lap section is in the middle of the club and are on couches. Unfortunately, the privacy isn't the best as it is fairly in the open. The gals climb around you, but currently, you mostly get air. Don't look for grinds here. The new booths are small, but barely being used. Your mileage will be better when the club is slow and there are less people walking around. There are VIP rooms which will cost you approximately $120 for 1/2 hour. The strange thing is that it's visible to everyone, and the mileage was also non-existent.

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