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Club Information

  1. Address: 3355 Procyon Ave (between Spring Mtn & Desert Inn)
  2. Phone: 702-876-3399
  3. Cover: Free for now
  4. Drink Minimum: 1 drink ($2.50-$7.00)
  5. Hours: 3pm-3am
  6. Type of Club: Topless
  7. Dancer Notes:

Club Review

NEW UPDATE 2/1/99: GIRL'S GIRL'S GIRL'S IS CLOSED! Yes, you heard it. Why did a club open and close so quickly? We feel it was to get around some zoning clause which meant that in order to keep the old Crazy Horse liquor license, they had to open, then close, for remodeling. Maybe there's another reason, but this is the fastest we've seen a strip club/bar open and close for any reason.

Opened on 1/20/1999, this is a new club owned by the same people who own Cheetahs. It is the newest topless club which serves alcohol. Currently managed by Diane, the former general manager of The Crazy Horse which just closed in the beginning of 1999, this is part of the wave of new clubs in Las Vegas. The building itself used to be another bar, so it still looks kind of dumpy.

The amount of girls on shift will range from 15 to 30 girls with a club capacity of about 150. There's one main stage, which is very small and reminds you almost of a table, but another is being built. There's also one main bar.

As always, with a new club, the quality of girls will be variable. However, seeing how this club is owned by the Galardi group which also owns Cheetahs, you never know, they could be importing Cheetahs girls. Or the opposite could be true and they could be re-hiring Crazy Horse girls.

Either way, this club supposedly is only a temporary club until a much larger upscale club called Jaguars is built on the 3 other lots adjacent to this club. When the larger club is finished, this club is supposedly going to be the parking lot.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: N/A
  • Dancer Attitude: N/A
  • Attractiveness: N/A
  • StageShow: N/A
  • Lap Dance: N/A



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