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Air Dance
What some places call a lap dance, but since there's no contact between the dancer and customer, we lovingly refer to it as the air dance.

Bikini Bar
A style of strip club in which the dancer strips down to her Bikini or sometimes lingere. Clubs like Forbidden Club's Bikini Lounge fall into this category.

B.Y.O.B. is an acronym for Bring Your Own Beer. Basically what the nude clubs in Vegas used to allow you to do. Las Vegas has currently banned B.Y.O.B.

Couch Dance
A type of lap dance, however, instead of the dance occuring in a chair or booth, obviously it happens on a couch. The idea of course is more comfort.

A style of stage show, primarily found in nude clubs where the dancer can utilize the floor to her biggest advantage, but can also be found in topless clubs and bikini bars. It usually describes when a gal is on the floor of the stage giving the customers a nice visual view. Excellent floorworkers will have multiple routines where different leg movements are involved.

Also known as the High Mileage Seat. The seat which garners the most attention. This term can be viewed in two different manners. First of course is the obvious. At some places, there are certain seats at stage where the dancers will give more attention to the people sitting in them. Sometimes it can be the seat directly across from where the dancer gets onto stage, thus the person sitting in the HMS would be the first person she sees. The second meaning of HMS is more of a state of mind. When you enjoy sitting at stage and it shows, the gals will usually give you a much better show and a lot more attention than anyone else sitting at the stage. This causes the seat that you are sitting in or rather you yourself to become the HMS.

Lap Dance
Also commonly referred to as just "Laps". A dance performed at your chair, couch, or booth where there is usually contact between the dancer and the customer. However, in the Vegas area, YMMV depending on the club. See also Air Dance, Couch Dance, and Private Dance.

This is what is referred to as the value per dollar received for anything at a strip club. For example, a dancer who does something extra or special on stage for you is considered to be giving you extra mileage. High mileage laps are equated to lap dances which give the customer something extra, usually in the form of polishing the zipper, high degree of contact, or much more. Basically a high mileage dance is very enjoyable. Conversely, low mileage laps equate to low or no contact lap dances which are cold, impersonal, and generally do not excite; see air dance.

Nude Club
The type of strip club where the dancer ends up taking off all her clothing. Usually, these types of clubs do not sell alcohol, with the exception of the Palomino, which is located outside the Vegas city limits. The other nude clubs in Vegas are primarily BYOB.

Pole Work
Describes when a dancer utilizes the pole that is commonly present in strip clubs during her stageshow. Excellent poleworkers can dazzle a crowd with their spins and sliding.

Polishing the Zipper
Also known as a very good bump and grind during a lap dance. Usually referred to dances which have a high level of contact by the dancer.

Private Dance
Any assortmant of dances which can either happen at a table, in a chair, booth, or couch. Basically, a dance which is a one-on-one dance between the dancer and the customer. True privacy will vary from club to club. When a dancer dances just for your group, it is also referred to as a private dance.

This is the amount a dancer pays the club she is working at in order to work a shift. At some places, the stagefee is a preset dollar amount (ie $20, $30, $50, etc), but at other places, the stagefee is a percentage of what the girls make throughout the night (ie 15%, 25%, etc). At certain clubs that count dances, the girls have to also pay a percentage or specific dollar amount for every dance they do to the management as well on top of their normal stagefee.

Stage Show
When a dancer performs up on stage. The performances can be extremely well rehearsed with much pole work and acrobatics or the dancers can be simplistic and just plop down on stage and do some floorwork.

Stick Shifting
When a dancer uses her hands to grab hold of her customer and plays him like a gear shifter in a car. Usually considered a fairly high mileage manuever in Lap Dancing.

The tipout is usually what a dancer gives to the DJ and/or bouncers after her shift. It is usually either based on a percentage of what the dancers make or a preset amount (ie $5, $10, etc). This term is used in the same way in most service industries like waiter/waitresses tipping out to their busboys or bartenders tipping out to their barbacks. In many cases even though it's not mandatory, it is done in appreciation for the help that the people who they're tipping out has given them. However, at most establishments, even though it's not a written rule, a tipout is assumed and expected.

Topless Club
A style of strip club where the dancer takes every off with the exception of her bottoms, usually a t-back or something fairly skimpy but keeps her covered. Alcohol is usually served at the topless bars here in Vegas. Since the dancer must keep her bottoms on, you will seem to find your largest percentage of chest enhanced dancers at topless clubs.

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary. Fairly self explanatory once you get past the acronym. For those of you who still aren't sure what I'm talking about; basically it just means that whatever it is that I'm calling YMMV may vary from person to person. Different than YMWV.

YMWV = Your Mileage Will Vary. The difference between this and YMMV is that in just about all cases, the mileage you receive WILL vary. This just means that whatever it is that I'm talking about is VERY non-standardized and everyone's experience in this particular category will most likely if not always differ from someone else's experience.


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