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9/1/99 Eager Beaver, New Club?

Eager Beaver, has ads in the local newspaper looking for dancers, waitresses, etc, both in Las Vegas, and in nearby Los Angeles. Is it another club?

2/8/99 Girls x 3 Closed

Girls, Girls, Girls, has closed, in less than 2 weeks! All we know is that in the last week of January, the club was supposedly closed due to electrical problems. Now the phone number is even disconnected. The rumors are that the owners needed to open a new club at a new location to hold on to the old Crazy Horse adult entertainment/alcohol license for at least a specified period of time before shutting down for remodeling reasons. We don't know if that's true, but this is the fastest we've seen a club go up and back down again.

2/1/99 Jaguars Upscale Club

These rumor mills are great aren't they? Supposedly, the story is that Girls, Girls, Girls, is merely a temporary club for the owners of Cheetahs. They supposedly own the four lots around the club and will be building an upscale gentleman's club second only in size to Olympic Garden. Once the new Jaguars club is built, the location where the Girls, Girls, Girls club is will supposedly be torn down and made into part of the parking lot.

2/1/99 Zoning Problem?

We hear that Crazy Horse Too may have run into some zoning problems with the new side of the club that they've built in such a haste during CES. True, or not? We're not sure, but it sure made the club bigger. We hope they're able to get things squared away and keep that section open.

1/29/99 Alcohol Bust?

Again, gossip is flying around at a furious rate as stories have circulated that the new club Striptease has gotten busted for an alcohol violation similar to that of Deja Vu and Club Exotica. We obviously asked the management while making a routine visit and they denied everything. Obviously, if it was their first violation, it could have just been a warning, but no one seems to be spilling the beans.

1/15/99 Employee Musical Chairs

With the influx of all these new clubs, there's definitely a shift of employees from club to club. One of the switches we've heard about is of Head Hostess/Marketing Manager Sharon from Olympic Garden who has moved over to the new club StripTease. We've also seen several DJ's who are either moonlighting or have outright bailed their original clubs. Do these turnovers affect the clubs? Some do, some don't, but whatcha expect from idle gossip?

1/14/99 One More Club?

Man, does Sin City have the room? Gossip is spreading again as we hear that the owners of StripTease, subject of this gossip column on the 2nd of January, and owners of several Los Angeles based clubs, are about to open another club in Las Vegas. We're not sure if this is a completely new club or an acquisition, but shouldn't the owners wait and see how their first club does before expanding? Maybe they know best, but if they do have another club in the works, we wish them luck.

1/12/99 Rhino Gets Approval?

The gossip travels fast, but who knows if anything will turn out from idle words. Word is, from an insider, that Spearmint Rhino has indeed moved it's schedule up and has gotten it's alcohol license. We haven't been able to confirm, but club employees have ordered new neon signs for the club. Whether this is an indication of things that has just happened or if they are still preparing for the near future, we're not sure. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

1/10/99 Crazy Horse to reopen as Jaguars?

The lines are buzzing with the rumor that Crazy Horse will re-open, but at another location on Sahara. We also hear that the manager of the old Crazy Horse, Diane, is supposed to continue as general manager when the new club opens. Another tidbit we've heard is that the club is tossing around the name Jaguars, possibily in line with it's sister club Cheetahs, but according to some of our sources, if the city does indeed allow the club to reopen with their alcohol license intact, they'll have to keep the old name.

1/7/99 Another 45 Days for Rhino

The gossip is flying fast and furious for the new year as we hear that the Spearmint Rhino has to wait another 45 days before the city council will decide on their alcohol permits. Looks like the walls won't come down during CES this year. It's really too bad because the club is beautifully decorated and has a lot of potential.

1/2/99 Strip Joint to Open?

Rumor has it that another nude club, called the Strip Joint, is slated to open on Valley View, up the street from the Rio and Gold Coast. Could this be the unnamed club on Valley View which was slated to open almost a year ago? We'll keep you updated!

1/1/99 Freddie Woods back at OG!

We hear Freddie is back at Olympic Gardens Mon-Wed during days and Friday and Saturday nights! For those of you always asking, you now have your ol' celebrity KOMP DJ back at the wheels at the Garden on the Strip.

11/28/98 Spearmint Rhino To Go Topless

Gossip or fact? Latest buzz is that Spearmint Rhino is about to get the go ahead from the city to break through the wall between their main club and the bar which resides next door. The bar used to be the gay club Inferno, but has been transformed into quite a great looking piece of a big puzzle of what's supposed to be one of the flagship clubs in the Spearmint Rhino chain. Lately, the club has launched a massive advertising attack in Sin City via Billboards, Newspaper Ads, and Cabbie word of mouth/spiffs.

11/15/98 What happened to Freddie?

Rumors spread quick as Freddie Woods, our favorite KOMP 92.3 strip club Disc Jockey seems to have disappeared from the strip club scene again.

11/1/98 New Strip Club in Casino?

The rumor mills are cranking again as word on the street is that a current player in Las Vegas is looking to open up a strip club in a casino. The only way that could happen theoretically is if the club falls under the guidelines we spoke about in news back in June 98 News.

10/25/98 Freddie back in Action!

Another birdie has dropped us a line and we hear that Freddie Woods of KOMP 92.3, is back in the strip club scene again! This time at Lil' Darlings, one of our favorite clubs and home to one of our notable dancers, Sianna.

10/15/98 Another LA chain to move into LV?

More rumors abound! Word on the streets is that another LA chain of strip clubs is considering the jump into Sin City and has already looked at property and consulted attorneys and city folk. Can Las Vegas sustain another club? Well, with the success of some of the newer clubs, maybe it can.

9/20/98 Cheetahs to be Sold?

There are some hefty rumors around that Cheetahs is to be sold. To whom or when or if it's even true, we don't know, but as you all know, usually rumors have some sort of truth to them.

9/17/98 Freddie Update?

There's always many sides to rumors, and here's another. Freddie Woods is not working for Olympic Garden anymore, however, supposedly, he was not a no call/no show, but rather his car broke down (according to sources), and since he couldn't make it to his shift, he was replaced that day. That's too bad. He's still at 92.3 KOMP however. We hope he gets back to the Strip Club scene soon. Good luck Freddie!

9/15/98 Correct License?

Rumor has it that Play It Again, Sam is operating a supper club/cabaret license rather than a different class of adult entertainment license. If this is the case, you can be sure there will be some interesting times down at city hall as well as the local courts since Spearmint Rhino, which is just several blocks away is still waiting for approval from the city.

9/1/98 Freddie Woods gone again?

We hear that after a no call / no show Freddie Woods, DJ of Olympic Garden got fired again.

9/1/98 Another new club to open

After the recent opening of Play It Again, Sam, another new club called The Pussycat Club is rumored to be opening soon. This club, however, is supposed to be another all-nude revue with an adult bookstore attached.

7/15/98 Play It Again, Sam?

Rumor has it that Play It Again, Sam, a former fine dining establishment, is about to open as a topless/nude theater with a full dinner menu. We're not sure how this club will fare considering the amount of competition just a few blocks down the street.

3/23/98 Spearmint Rhino jockeys position?

Supposedly, the Spearmint Rhino chain has actually bought not only the club, but the land the club sits on at their new Highland Ave. location in Las Vegas from Terry Gordon, the infamous clip joint owner of Vegas past. We also hear that the Rhino is in the midst of buying out the gay club next door in order to convert from nude to topless with alcohol. This would really open the floodgates if they're able to pull it off.

3/1/98 Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas?

The first hint was the flashing Las Vegas on their homepage with a coming soon before it. The second was when Risky Business failed to come up for air and remained closed. Rumor has it that the Rhino is indeed taking over that so familiar spot for countless other clubs. Let's see if this happens!

12/1/97 Club Paradise gets new Owner?

Supposedly, ownership of Club Paradise has been transfered to Sam Cecola's wife in order to save the alcohol license of the club. This was due to 'convicted felons can not own or operate an establishment where alcohol is served' clause in Las Vegas law. Learn something new everyday eh? Sam Cecola was convicted earlier in February for a Defrauding the US government charge.

12/1/97 New club = New club x 2?

Even though Club Illusions has yet to open, there might be another Illusions 2 popping up somewhere around town. Supposedly, Terry Gordon is involved. I'm sure we'll see what happens soon.

11/24/97 What's really for sale?

Well, it seems that the only club that's really for sale is Club Paradise at a cool $12 million. CASH. Yes, the rumors for the other clubs are supposedly wrong, but as club insiders say, "if the money is right, anything can be for sale!" Now that sounds like it has a ring of truth to it!

11/4/97 New club to break ground?

The new club Illusions at http://www.xxxillusions.com/club/ is rumored to have raised the capital needed to begin groundbreaking soon so that the club will be open by the first quarter of 1998.

11/1/97 The Palomino Sold?

As many people have know, the Palomino has been for sale for quite awhile with a listed price of $15 million dollars. Well, rumor has it that the club has been sold to an undisclosed buyer. As the only club that is nude with alcohol this may not be such a ridiculous price. Now has it really been sold? Maybe we'll hear more in the upcoming month.

11/1/97 Club Paradise to go nude?

Admist problems with the city and the general manager leaving, the rumor is that Club Paradise is about to lose it's liquor license and slated to be nude by Comdex. However, as of our last visit, there didn't seem to be any indication that this was happening. We'll see what happens...

10/20/97 Would you like to buy a strip club?

It looks like the market is wide open for gentleman's clubs lately as the rumor is that Club Paradise is up for sale for $7 million (up from $4 million in the last rumor), Olympic Garden for $12 million, and Palomino for a huge sum of $15 million. Of course no one will confirm anything, but hey, if you have a few pennies in your pocket, this may be the time to buy.

8/18/97 Tally-Ho - More Firings?

Another 16 dancers are let go or fired? Whats going on? The dancers received a message between Saturday and Monday basically telling them they no longer work at The Tally-Ho Revamping the club? Changing the style of the club? Regardless of what happens next month, the club will be hurting for girls over the next few weeks.

8/1/97 New Club on Valley View

The previous owner of Club Exotica, Ivan, supposedly has a brand new nude club ready to go off of Valley View Street. The word is he's holding off until convention season to do the grand opening.

7/20/97 Tally-Ho Avoids Busts

Over 16 dancers were either fired or otherwise let go, right before a metro sweep of the club. Rules were tightened, curtains were pulled back, and dances got very tame. Pyschic? Or just connected? Either way, the club avoided any busts, but we hear mileage is way down.


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