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Larry's Villa


Club Information

  1. Address: 2401 W. Bonanza Bonanza and Rancho, behind the Carwash (Click Here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-647-2713
  3. Cover: None
  4. Hours: open until 2am
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Dancer Notes: N/A

Club Review

Located right off the 95 Fwy at Rancho, Larry's Villa is right behind the carwash. Very unassuming on the outside, there's a couple interesting signs on the front door; one telling you they report people who sell drugs, and the other telling you not to be afraid of the smoke that comes out of the stage during their special show.

When you walk in, directly in front of you is the bar with video poker all around. The seats are actually almost always filled with locals. There is no cover charge and the domestics are only $2. To the left are booths, some tables and chairs, and if you keep going, a small room which looks like some sort of theme/performance room. The stage has a main area that's maybe 7x12, and then a long strip extending from it which ends in a funky platform. There are two poles in the main back area and a single pole towards the end of the runway right before the platform. There are ballons, some deflated, that decorate the whole ceiling. When I asked the waitress if they were always there or just there for a special occasion, she replied with "They've been there since I've started working here... and that's been awhile." - Update: we spoke to the ballon girl! She puts new ones up about every 2 weeks.

There are about 5 girls per shift, and they are mostly older and very average. However, there's usually one who is cute. They use a jukebox, and dance to 2 song sets, bikini first song, topless the second. About every hour, the girls all disappear to the back and smoke starts shooting out of the stage. Then they all come out, topless, and dance around. It's actually kind of funny. The locals were hootin' and hollaring though. I saw no laps or private dances going on, so I don't even know if they're offered. But I did see a sign to take a photo with your favorite dancer. This is a local dive where poker and beer seems to definitely come in before the dancers. Definitely a locals place.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C (local dump)
  • Dancer Attitude: C (good if you're local)
  • Attractiveness: D (not so great)
  • StageShow: C- (some are okay)
  • Lap Dance: N/A



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