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Club Information

  1. Address: 1514 Western Ave. (Click Here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-366-1633 - 702-366-8514
  3. Cover: $10
  4. Discounts: Nevada ID gets in Free
  5. Drink Minimum: One (1) $10 refillable drink
  6. Hours: 11am-6am
  7. Type of Club: Nude
  8. Food/Drink: Lunch, no alcohol
  9. Dancer Notes: $50-$70 stagefee (or 5-7 drinks) + $7 per dance to the house and tipouts
  10. Homepage:

Club Review

Lil' Darlings, like all the other Deja Vu's in this cookie cutter chain, has the adult boutique which is located directly straight through the main doors. If you make a left at the entry way however, you'll be headed into the club where you'll have to pay the cover and for your drink. If you show your Nevada driver's license, you get in for free.

If you go down a corridor to the right after the cover charge area, there are a couple private peep show booths and past that are some fantasy type booths and a movie room. There's also the shower room along another corrider. Once you get down the hallway, past another two areas of theme rooms into the main room, there's one main stage at the far end with three poles and seating all the way around. There are also these bubble water light fixtures to the decor and neon carpeting. There's seating and tables throughout the room. There are a couple booths along the right of the stage and along the side walls to the left. There's a VIP sign to the left and a corrider that takes you back to the VIP lap room as well as the offices. Then there's a sort of small room next to the bar next to the Men's restrooms to your rear which is also some sort of lap section with assorted boothes. If you walk along the corridor next to the men's room, there are more theme rooms and if you continue, it wraps around to where the movie room is. It's basically a big screen TV with a couple rows of padded benches.

On the weekends, this place used to have some of the best costumes/stageshows in the Vegas area. Now, most of the top notch performers have moved over to Showgirls. The dancers range mostly from 5's to 7's, with an occasional 8 or 9.

Anyway, to the important stuff, the laps! The laps are $20, and in general, many of the girls give fairly tame laps with little or almost no contact. However, many of the other gals are definitely worth checking out! There's not much difference between the VIP area and the front booths however. Overall, the lap mileage seems higher during the day than at night. However, do take note, the club has installed cameras, which has lowered mileage in some instances. There also seems to be a lot of natural chests here without too much augmentation.

Like most Deja Vu's, Lil' Darlings is no different. The waitresses are mercenary in their quest to sell drinks. Don't be afraid to say no if you don't feel like buying a drink at the time. However, when chatting with a gal, any drinks you do buy does help her out with her payout. This is one club which I spent quite a bit of time at and will continue to do so in the future due to some very good stageshows.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: B (cookie cutter Deja Vu)
  • Dancer Attitude: B+ (very chatty)
  • Attractiveness: B- (some pretty girls)
  • StageShow: B (some are the best in Vegas)
  • Lap Dance: B- (YMWV)
  • Shower Dance: N/R
  • Fantasy Booth: N/R



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