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  • Adult Club & Entertainment Directory
    Based in Texas, this is also home to the famous Diana of Dallas, an ex-dancer who has made it big in the self represented escort business. There's also several club pages as well as links to this site.

  • Alaska Strip Clubs
    A fairly new page dealing with the strip clubs in Alaska. So far, primarily dealing with with clubs in Anchorage, but it looks like he's going to expand.

  • Alpha Pro Productions
    This is the home of Jack Corbett a.k.a. Jon Huntman, the author of Death on The Wild Side, a book about strippers in the St. Louis Metro East where just about anything goes in the strip clubs. There are all kinds of resources here from a gentleman's club guide to dancer directories to club sites. Pure Talent, one of the bigger agencies in the adult feature dancer industry, also calls this place home. There's also a lot more surfing material including a web based chat and lastly, a Lost Angel's support section for drugged out or battered dancers.

  • ASS-C Home Page
    The official ASS-C webpage. This is a wealth of information which includes many of the top posts gleaned from ASSC as well as ASSC's member list, photo gallery, and web links. This resource provides a VERY inside look at the lives of dancers, ASSC'ers, and much more.

  • Bay Area Strip Club Authority
    A brand new website for the Bay area of Northern California, or better known as, San Francisco. Run by long time ASSC regular, Laar, this website has all the makings of a great strip club review site. He's got info on clubs, dancers, a feature calender, and also his own personal strip club diary. Look for this site to boom in the next few months!

  • BBones America
    Bare Bone's America is a fairly large collection of adult links relating to strip clubs across the United States. There are also links to chats, cams, and assorted live shows. Adultcheck is required however.

  • Beater's Homepage
    Beater is a fella from Toronto Canada who is a true fan of exotic entertainers and strip clubs. He has pictures, his daily diary of his strip club adventures, and much more. Fun reading.

  • Biff Dickmann's Strip Bar Review
    Biff really has a pretty cool site. Although it is a membership site at $10.95 a year, he covers the clubs he reviews in explicit detail. The samples don't really do the inside/member reviews justice. There's over a dozen cities where he reviews the adult scene, and although Las Vegas isn't one of them yet, maybe he'll come to Las Vegas during one of his next trips. Maybe he'll put up the nasty nitty gritty rated X stuff that I'm not willing to put up on this site. Balls of steal, man, balls of steal. Or is that the Viagra kicking in?

  • Big Tomato Strip Guide
    This is a great site which covers strip clubs in Sacramento, Modesto, and Stockton, California as well as the clubs in Reno, Nevada. The author Rugpony has done a spectacular job with the format of the site as well as keeping it updated. Kudos on a wonderful site!

  • Bob Smyth's Home Page
    An ASSC'er and lap guru, Bob "I have a web page" Smyth takes you masterfully through the world of strip clubs and San Francisco clubs. Great reading and some good links and email addresses too.

  • Casa de Mongo
    A personal website that is dedicated to exotic dancers and the strip club industy, Casa de Mongo is run by, you guessed it, Mongo! He seems to be a fine purveyor of clubs mostly in the Northern California area. He lists most of the San Francisco clubs and has a page with a lot of feature dancers information. The icon for 'extras available here' in the rating page is totally hilarious. If anything, you gotta go there just to check that out!

  • Cleveland Clubs on The Net
    This site is maintained by BuddyJ who's an avid reader and poster of RAME (rec.arts.movies.erotic). It has links to Cleveland Clubs on the net but he also has a very updated page with feature's dance schedules for clubs in the Cleveland and Akron area.

  • The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide
    Although this is an atlas of all sexually related resources, there are quite a few links to strip clubs and other strip club related material.

  • The Cyberstrip Club
    A new strip club site which has reviews and links to clubs all over the United States. Based out of Minnesota, there are some in depth personal reviews by the Web author.

  • Dancer Link
    This website run by Fitzgerald Multimedia has a large number of links to strippers, feature entertainers, and other adult oriented websites. The links are categorized into Magazine, Adult Film, Amateur, and Other.

  • Decadent City
    This is toted as the unofficial and unauthorized guide to adult services in most major cities in the United States. Las Vegas is no exception. Primarily reviews of escorts, private strippers, and other adult services are listed, but there is occasional strip club information.

    Although this site is primarily about clubs and other forms of adult entertainment in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, it is also very comprehensive and has links to cities all across the United States. There are also reader submitted reviews on all the Dallas/Ft. Worth clubs. We love the little thumbs up/thumbs down fella!

  • Diana's Strippers of Las Vegas
    Make no doubt about it, Diana is an escort and does not seem to be a current dancer from a club. However, her site has some great information about the clubs. She has some good reviews and there are pictures of the various clubs from the outside. Looks good and should be a good resource site.

  • EvilLurker's Philly Pages
    This is a small upstart page by a regular of Philadelphia clubs which reviews clubs in both the Philly area as well as the Atlanta Metropolitan area. His reviews are detailed and hopefully he'll write down more of his experiences in every club he visits in the both areas in the future.

  • Exotic Dancer Magazine
    The online version of Don Waitt's Exotic Dancer Bulletin and Directory. Known as THE industry magazine, the online version has a searchable database of hundreds of clubs all over the United States as well as a good number of pictures from different events and contests throughout the year.

  • Exotic Dancer Home Pages
    A fairly new site focusing on clubs and exotic dancer's.

  • Exotic Showgirls Online
    A more regionalized site offering female and male entertainment in the 412 area code. There are several Playboy and Penthouse feature entertainers featured here as well, available for bookings across the United States.

  • Exotic Dance Lessons
    Fawnia's site is a definite resource for all dancers and people who appreciate great stageshows. Not only does she offer lessons, but you can get her one-of-a-kind instructional videos. So far 3 out of 6 volumes have been release: Polework and Dance Moves (Floorwork), and Fawnia on Stage. Look for my review on Polework soon! Oh ya, did I mention she's a knockout and has pictures on her site as well?

  • Feature Dancer's
    Louis' Feature Dancer page which is one of the most comprehensive listings of where and when feature dancers (porn/magazine/etc) will be performing across the United States.

  • The Feature Source
    Pete Palombo's one of those agents who book feature performers to clubs across the country, but primarily the Southeast. This is a great site with lots of pictures and tour dates.

  • For Your Eyes Only
    A very large adult site which has links to everywhere. A good web resource for finding interesting stuff!

  • The Good Strip Tease Guide to London
    Mostly a site to promote the book with the same name, however, there is some good information on the London clubs here.

  • Gold Holes
    Gold Holes - Intimate Elegant Body Jewerly. A unique and interesting site which sells piercing and non-piercing jewerly made from gold or platinum for every part of the body.

  • Han's Showgirl International
    The only reason I listed this site is to show how blatant this guy is about ripping off other people's material without any credit. Most, if not all, of the content is ripped off. From my site, Zbone's site, TUSCL, and much more. Wow, this gets the PL OF THE YEAR award.

  • The Houston Adult Entertainment Guide
    A very complete review page of the Houston Strip Clubs. Grady has always done a great job in keeping up with the local flavor. Definitely give this site a whirl.

  • Jane's Net Sex Guide
    This is a great resource which actually reviews adult websites. Not only does Jane have reviews of adult websites, there's a comparison of age verification services, great interviews of net personalities, and some invaluable consumer tips. Jane even has pictures of herself on the site. Also, as of April 1998, we also got Jane's QUALITY rating!

  • New Zealand Strip Clubs
    You want to know about New Zealand? Well, this page has it! Club listings and the reviews are starting to appear as the author slowly updates his page. The next time you travel to New Zealand, check this page out!

  • Northwest Gentlemen's Club Guide
    A listing of Gentleman's clubs in the Northwest. More like a list rather than a review page.

  • NightStars
    A fairly new online adult entertainment directory which has listings for clubs, entertainers, agencies and quite a few other categories.

  • Peeparama
    Peeparama - The Voyeur's Paradise, one of the only sites reviewing San Francisco strip clubs. Includes Peep Show arcades and Strip and lap dance clubs. Pretty good reviews once you get passed all the banners.

  • Pittsburgh's Strip Club Guide
    A fairly new strip club site covering the Pittsburgh area. Currently located on Tripod as well as mirrored on Xoom. There are club reviews as well as an information board for readers to post their own comments and reviews.

  • Portland Rant & Reviews
    A very interesting writer who puts it all on the web in the form of the Portland Rants and Reviews. Ook looks at the clubs from a genuinely different angle that's both refreshing and a delight to read.

  • Private Dancer Monthly
    The online version of the west coast based newspaper. Still in it's infant stages, this site seems to mirror the printed copy. Pictures and updated monthly news. The coverage looks to be the Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Las Vegas areas.

  • Seattle Topless
    A fairly new site on the Seattle, Washington area clubs. There are listings of Rick's, Honey's, and Sugar's on this site. Mostly, it's basic information and a lot of banners, but it is the currently the only site dedicated to the Seattle area.

  • Sophie's Mentertainment Online
    The best information on strip clubs for the North East United States. Unfortunately, it is only available online nowadays. It used to be available on newsprint as well. Her site also has one of the largest collections of adult star fanclub listings and pictures as well as a comprehensive listing of clubs. There are also a lot of other goodies here. Great site!

  • Spectator Magazine
    The Online Spectator. This is the San Francisco Bay Area's premiere sex rag with some great stories, pictures, and much more. Great if you're headed into San Francisco or even if you just want some good reading.

  • Sticky Links
    This is a link site that is updated fairly often. There are over 700 links to mostly picture sites, but there are also quite a few that link to strip club related sites in the Fetish X section.

  • Strings by Judith
    Originally made showgirl and exotic dancer costumes for dancers.

  • Strip Bar . Com
    More of a web hosting service that put together various links to some of the strip club sites all across the United States. They also claim that they will soon have listings of all Oklahoma and Texas clubs.

  • Stripper's and More
    A guide to adult entertainment in Portland, Oregon. There is quite a large listing of the clubs in Portland and surrounding areas along with quite a few blurry pictures from inside the clubs.

  • The Tampa Bay Adult Entertainment Guide
    The guide for the Tampa area. Includes links to most of the top Tampa clubs including Mons Venus, Seven Seas, Odyssey, et al. Also has information on all kinds of other entertainment in the Tampa area.

  • Tom Nisonger's Strip Club Links
    One of the more comprehensive strip club link sites available on the web. Tom seems to have most of the actual strip club sites as well as the different review sites all over the world on his lists.

  • Toronto Reviews by Dave's Friend
    Dave's Friend is definitely a character in the ASS-C arena, and what he's gathered here is a list of reviews of clubs in the Toronto area as well as some of his more enlightening posts on the ASS-C newsgroup.

  • Tucson Topless
    A new site which focuses on the topless clubs of Tucson Arizona. Maintained by an ASSC member, Marc182, this informative site provides detailed reviews, maps, as well as some saucy pictures of some of the Arizona dancers.

  • The Ultimate Strip Club List
    Another very large collection of strip clubs all over the world. Again, there are mainly reader reviews, although the authors of these pages seem to have a bit more contact with the clubs than Grimace's.

  • Undressed to Kill
    Also known as Trash City: London Strip Pub Guide. There are some good reviews of the strip pubs in London, both by the author and contributed by readers.

  • X Publishing
    Frank Faillace's online world of Exotic Magazine and X Online. This is a slick site with some of the best content available on the web regarding the adult industry. Primarily out of the North West, the articles are not regional specific and although it's never the same as having the magazine in hand, they do a hell of a job. The editor, Darklady, does a great job!

  • XMALL Adult Search Engine
    A brand new Adult Search Engine similar to Naughty Links. A very fast and easy way to locate adult sites on the net.

  • Z Bone's LA Strip Club Connection
    Zbone's site is one of the most comprehensive strip club review sources available. Mainly covering the Los Angeles area, this is one incredible resource. Always up-to-date, and an insight to the industry not available anywhere else.

Dancer Links

  • The Illustrated Brat Princess
    This is an amazing site created by DaraLynne Dahl, a dancer and video starlet in San Francisco. The site has her daily diaries, rants, as well as many numerous pictorials. This is a pay site, but there are plenty of free pictures to see.

  • A Day In The Life Of A Stripper
    Brianna is a stripper in New York City that has decided to share her life with us by keeping her diary online. For those of you who really want to see what the life of a dancer is like, this is a great place to start. She doesn't hold back in her entries and tells it like it is. If you don't want to ruin your fantasy of what your favorite dancer is really thinking about, then don't chance it by reading this. But if you're up for a big dosage of reality, check out her site. The truth sometimes hurts, and Brianna is definitely telling her truth.

  • Elan Exposed
    This is a wonderful site of a lady who has chronicled the beginning of her stripping career into a great website that is chock full of free pictures and other terrific reading material. Sure... like you get playboy for the articles... But seriously, she's got some good readin' going on. She has also been featured on Zbone's Site, and she works at a local Los Angeles based strip club. Great job Elan and Eric!

  • Erica Steele
    Erika is a dancer from the east coast who dances at Mardi Gras in MA and Stilleto's II in NJ. Her site is designed nicely and has photos, information about her and merchandise for sale.

  • Jazmine's Homepage
    Jazmine is a dancer in the San Francisco Bay area who has just finished shooting for a Penthouse pictorial. Beautiful and incredibly talented as well, she has some great pictures which are free on this otherwise pay-for-membership site.

  • Kiana's Private Party
    This Japanese porn star is also a currently a Las Vegas stripper at Deja Vu here in Las Vegas. Her site has her bio, her work schedule, as well as countless photos and streaming video for those who want to see Kiana do more than she's allowed to at the strip club.

  • Land of Venus
    What a wonderful site by a Las Vegas local who also happens to dance at Cheetahs a couple times a week. Venus doesn't run your normal everyday webcam, she's got some serious computing power going with multiple T1's and mucho options. She also has a bulletin board that seems to draw a large share of regulars.

  • Lydia 976
    Lydia is a long time ASSC'er and owner of this pay for view site. She's got some good freebies, and hopefully she'll add more to the public access section in the near future. But then again, it's only $10 a month for membership.

  • Misty's Playground
    A dancer in the Largo, Florida area, Misty works at Temptations and actually has quite a slick site. It has all kinds of pictures as well as her work schedule.

  • Naughtya's Dancers
    Both a dancer site and Oregon Strip Club site. Naughtya is an occasional poster on ASSC and is a dancer in Portland, OR. There is a lot of good information on this site.

  • Raven's Home Page
    Raven is an exotic dancer that originally came out from Lexington, KY. She now works at Olympic Garden as Onyx and has quite a few pictures on her site. Although it will most likely be a pay membership type of site, there are some good pictures available for free.

  • Tristen Citrine
    This cute dancer out of Indianapolis, Indianna, has a very cool website which is known as Tristen Citrine's Strip Club Etiquette. She's got the etiquette guide for both male customers and dancers, lots of pictures, and all kinds of interesting material. She's also a frequent chatter in the #ass-c chatroom on IRC.

Other Non-Reviewed and Miscellaneous Links

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