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[tree2.gif] Heather from Deja Vu Showgirls

Heather Bankx is a gal who really puts the sizzle in her hot stage show. With her dirty blonde hair and girl next door looks, she can melt just about anyone in the room. Her private dances are also something not to be missed. Originally from New York, Heather started dancing at The Palomino, featured around the country, danced at Lil' Darlings, and is now at Deja Vu Showgirls for a limited engagement. Considering how much this little lady has accomplished, you'll really be amazed at how friendly and genuine she is in person.

Heather's been featured on the covers of the magazines Club and Velvet among others and has been in a full list of different adult magazines such as: Cherie, Club Confidential, High Society, Swank, Hustler, OUI, and much more. One of her latest is Playboy's Mar 96, Stripper Next Door issue. She also appears in the Hot Bodies video collection and is on two of the box covers. You might have also seen her on Hard Copy in September 1996 or at the AVN awards opening act with adult star Serenity. Aside from the adult industry, she's the Nevada spokesperson for Harley Davidson and can be seen on several local commercials.

On a more personal level, Heather really loves shooting outdoors (picture shoots that is), and is actually quite a couch potato. She likes to watch movies and can you believe it, she loves to play her Gameboy! Her favorite game this month is Tetris. About the only thing Heather really hates is mean people. Heather also loves surfing the net and you can contact her at Drop her a note. She'd love to hear from you! UPDATE: Heather has a homepage! You can link to it at

[Picture Withheld by Request] Sianna from Lil' Darlings

The first time I saw Sianna was during one of her sets when she came out riding a big wheel with her raven black hair in pony tails. It only got better from that point on. She has such a dynamic stage presence that mere words does not give her justice. She's about 5'5", dyed black hair (she's naturally a blonde, can you believe that?), and at this particular venue, she runs the show.

Friendly as all heck, she's also one of the most sensuous gals I've met in this industry. She causes plenty of trouble with her roommate and fellow dancer Aubrey, a gorgeous blonde. Sianna has been dancing for about 6 years and has been through many of the Deja Vu's. She's also done her stint of featuring and has been in magazines like Hustler, Gentleman's Club, and the Deja Vu Showgirls magazine. She has also appeared in many rock videos with her latest being the AC/DC video Cover Me With Oil which came out this past February. Some other videos she has appeared in are: I Want to Touch You by Def Leppard, Passion Rules the Game and Rhythm of Love by Scorpians, Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue, Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi, Way Cool Jr. and I want a Woman by RATT, as well as the 1st episode of Warped TV bungee jumping off of Circus Circus. You can also catch her in the Ms. World Topless videos of 91,92, and 93 and HBO's Real Sex in Jan. 94.

Finally, you wonder about her laps? Well, I had to try a few in the interest of honest reporting of course, I must say that they were really hot and sensual and not at all like the standard Lil' Darling's fare. Try her out if there's not a line, and you'll leave with a smile on your face. Sianna works most days from 11am to 7pm.

[Picture of Mona] Mona Lisa from Club Paradise

There isn't enough that can be said about this amazing woman. One of the few features in the adult industry that is truely a great dancer as well. When you see Mona Lisa, you are immediately impressed by her statuesque appearance and her blazing smile. Easily recognizable because she has been in over 200 adult films, she is noted as the 1st adult film star to ever win any awards in the Miss Nude World contests. On stage, she dazzles. She's not just a gorgeous woman with an incredible body, she's full of talent!

Just a few of her many accomplishments include: Awards in both Miss Nude World and Miss Nude Universe, over 200 adult films, dozens of Playboy and Spice channel movies, and countless Men's magazine credits like Cheri, D-Cup, Club International, High Society, and much more. She also served as the cover/centerfold for Hustler's Busty Beauties in July 1996.

Hanging out with Mona Lisa is also a pleasure. She's genuinely nice and because of her expansive background, your conversations will never be dull. This articulate and intelligent woman also loves to have fun, and any time you spend with her would be time well spent. There's also not too many places where you can get dances from a adult film feature at regular house prices. When she's not traveling around the country featuring, check her out evenings at Club Paradise. She's also got a slick home page on the web at Check it out and send her some email at

[Image Withheld by Request] Rebecca from Olympic Gardens

Oh Rebecca. What a woman! This gorgeous blonde resembles but looks better than Michelle Pfeifer. At 5'8" and about 102, she is thin but it works so well with her. Her pouty lips and memorizing blue eyes can hypnotize just about anyone. It is tough to put into words how this gal makes someone feel when they are in her presence. She can and will make you feel like you are the only person left on this planet.

But looks isn't the only thing she has. A degree in linguistics is in her back pocket and she's also soon to become a proprieter of a French/Italian restaurant in town. She loves to travel and heads to Italy almost every year. Learning much more about wine and cigars is her current hobby which goes along perfectly with her passion for great food.

Originally an upstate New York gal, she's been dancing for 3 1/2 years and started at Club Paradise before moving to Olympic Gardens about a year and a half ago. She loves shopping, her boat, and most importantly her dogs. Rebecca does despise arrogant people however. One of the most important things about Rebecca is that she has fun doing her job. You'll have just as much fun when you see her. Her stage presence is incredible and her private dances are addicting. She works most nights from 10pm to 4am.


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