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9/1/99 And Another Club...

This time, another brand new club called Eager Beaver is opening. There's advertisements in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles newspapers looking for dancers and waitresses.

7/14/99 Another Brand New Club!

Another brand new club called DIVAS has opened. A topless with alcohol club, this used to be the Old Watering Hole. Let's see how long this club lasts!

5/15/99 New Law Which Fines Strip Clubs

A new law which fines strip clubs $500 to $1000 is in the works. Attached to a telephone dialing systems bill, this bill could pass and close the taxi loop hole. That could mean a great deal of change for all existing strip clubs. Here's a copy of the Las Vegas Review Journal version of the story.

2/28/99 Spearmint Rhino Topless!

Spearmint Rhino has gone topless! In a desperate struggle with the city, the nude club has finally become topless in a city where topless clubs run the show. This after two other clubs go topless way before Spearmint Rhino is allowed to.

2/8/99 Newest Club, Closed!

As soon as you can blink an eye, the newest club in Las Vegas, Girls, Girls, Girls, has shut down. What? You can read about the speculations in rumors and gossip, but all we can do is report the news that it's now closed.

1/20/99 Girls, Girls, Girls

Yes folks, it's never ending. Another club has opened in Las Vegas, and this time, it's owned by the same people who own Cheetahs. It's a topless with alcohol club, and it's located on Procyon, in between Spring Mountain and Desert Inn. Currently managed by the ex-Crazy Horse manager, Diane, this is the second topless/alcohol club which has opened since Spearmint Rhino has come to town.

1/7/99 Strip Tease Opens Doors!

Just as one club closes, another opens in it's wake. Strip Tease, a nude juice club owned by the same owners as Star Strip, Star Strip Too, 7th Veil, and Crazy Girls, all in Los Angeles, opens it's doors on the first day of CES. The club is located on Valley View Blvd, and is right down the street from the Rio and the Gold Coast hotel/casinos. The owners have a very strong track record in Los Angeles, but can they keep a club open for long in this trecherous nude club arena in Sin City?

1/7/99 Pure Pleasures Opens Nude Club

Everybody wants to get into the strip club business. Another club is opening in Las Vegas. Pure Pleasures was an adult bookstore located on Western, between Tally-Ho and Cheetahs, right next to the Sahara underpass. They've taken out ads in the local papers looking for dancers for 'Pure Pleasure, an intimate gentleman's club'.

1/3/99 Crazy Horse Saloon Closes Doors

The Crazy Horse Saloon, the 'not quite a historical landmark' strip club, which was located at 4034 Paradise Road by Flamingo, closed it's doors officially January 3, 1999. Although the club was considered an eyesore to some, it was definitely a local's spot with a lot of character and individuality. Rich in history and home to countless stories, we're sure the memories will live on with the hundreds of thousands of visitors it must have had over the last twenty years. We'll miss the ol' Crazy Horse, and wish all of the dancers and management good luck wherever they may go.

The Crazy Horse Saloon was owned by the same owners as Cheetahs, however the building was leased from none other than Terry Gordon, an icon or dictator of Las Vegas adult businesses depending who you talk to. There will not be another strip club opening at that location, since the city code will not permit re-naming or re-opening another club at the location once the original tenants moved or closed. Their license and permits, which were non-transferable, had all been grandfathered since new laws were passed regarding zoning for adult clubs.

Currently, the city is only issuing permits for strip clubs in commercial zones, and has not allowed another topless club which serves alcohol to officially open since Club Paradise. Although Play It Again Sam's, a topless supper club which serves alcohol, owned by the same owner's as Kiefer's on top of Carriage House, has opened recently, it has skirted the standard rules most of the other clubs need to follow by operating as an adult dinner theater rather than a topless strip club with an alcohol license. What's the difference? We're not sure, but the Spearmint Rhino, another club which has been open for over a year, is still having a hard time getting their alcohol permits approved, and thus is still operating as a nude soda/juice club.

1/1/99 Cheetahs gets new Manager

Barry Bogart, Cheetah's general manager has left his post to be replaced by new manager Rich Buonantony. We wish Barry good luck in whatever endeavor he chooses next, and Rich good luck in his new post as GM.

11/13/98 New Golf Bikini Bar Opens!

Another first for Las Vegas, as The Forbidden Club breaks new ground with a bikini golf bar. What is a bikini golf bar? Well, it's bar, but with golf stuff, like simulators, a putt putt course, and other fun things, but with cocktail waitresses and bartenders wearing bikinis. Check out the new Forbidden Club Bikini Bar.

10/30/98 LAS VEGAS Clubs on HBO!

In HBO's latest American Undercover, they go in depth with Strippers: The Naked Stages. Cheetah's, Club Paradise, and Lil' Darlings are all featured in the story!

9/24/98 LVSCR mentioned on CityLife!

Cabbie spiffs gets exposed on Las Vegas City Life but you saw it here first over a year ago! You can read the City life article here as well.

9/20/98 Pussycat Lounge Now Open!

The new club Pussycat Lounge is now open on Spring Mountain Road, right past Valley View Blvd. It has a bright yellow sign that says "TOTALLY NUDE" on the outside. We'll keep you updated with a new review as soon as possible.

9/15/98 Cheetahs gets new VIP Room

Cheetahs has now opened a new VIP Room in the front of the club and has made the old VIP Room into a champagne room which now cost $100 for 4 dances.

9/1/98 Club Paradise Serves Food

In an attempt to keep up with it's new upscale competition: Play it Again, Sam, Club Paradise has started to serve dinner after 5pm. This new trend could be very interesting as other states have had fine dining with classy entertainment for a long time.

9/1/98 Stripper Runs for Governor

Barbara Scott, an exotic dancer who dances by the stagename 'Cheyanne' at Glitter Gulch, runs for governor in the great state of Nevada. She has some hefty competition, but notes that if she's able to get people to pay attention to the right to work issues in the state, she's done her job. Her website is at http:/www.ramweb.com/barb4gov.

8/15/98 New Alcohol Club Opens!

Play it Again, Sam, the newest club to open with an alcohol permit since 1991, is causing some nice commotion. Many clubs have tried, but have been turned down by the city. The latest being Spearmint Rhino right down the street. Play it Again, Sam, is also the only strip club to have a full dining menu. They also have a limited gaming license. You can also read the Las Vegas Review Journal article here.

8/15/98 Thee Place changes to GREEN DOOR

Thee Place, one of the few clip joints in Las Vegas has now changed into a Swinger's spot called GREEN DOOR, however, it does not have a listing with the phone company, which keeps it in the suspicious business category.

8/13/98 Lil' Darlings loses Advertising

Under a new terms of contract with the Las Vegas Convention Center, the LVCVA has the right to reject any advertising deemed inappropriate on the four (4) brand new, state of the art, video quality signs. In the past, Lil' Darlings stood out in the bright lights on the video billboard off Paradise Blvd, right in front of the convention center. You can read more in the Las Vegas Sun article by John Wilen here.

6/17/98 Nudity in Downtown Hotels OK!

A proposed ordinance that is expected to pass through the city council amends the zoning regulations for sexually oriented businesses to exclude nude shows in hotel/casinos with more than 300 rooms. This would open up a whole new doorway for stripclubs in Las Vegas. You can also read the Las Vegas Sun article written by Denise Cardinal by clicking here.

4/25/98 Man Linked to Dancer's Death Indicted

A man who has been indicted in a California court for an unrelated case, has been linked to the murder of dancer Marysol Perez, which occured in Ls Vegas in December of 1997. You can read more about it in the Las Vegas Review Journal story.

4/7/98 We got voted TOP 20 in Las Vegas Sun!

The Las Vegas Strip Club Review got voted as one of Las Vegas' Top 20 websites by Las Vegas Sun columnist Melissa Schorr! Awesome! You can read her article here.

4/1/98 Forbidden Club Open for Business

With not much more than a change in name, The Forbidden Club has opened in place of Club Exotica. Even the management is the same until later this month.

3/27/98 Club Exotica declares Bankruptcy

After receiving the $50,000 fine from the city of Las Vegas, Club Exotica declared bankruptcy and closed it's doors for business. The Forbidden Club re-opens in it's place with new management.

3/23/98 Spearmint Rhino to have Grand Opening

The Spearmint Rhino, declares it's grand opening on Thursday, March 26 with Victoria Paris as the headlining feature. Girls will be imported in from the other Rhino clubs all across California.

3/15/98 Club Exotica also gets fined

Following the huge Lil Darlings fine, Club Exotica also got fined $50,000 for allowing patrons to bring in their own alcohol. This is a continuation of the city going after the clubs for their BYOB policies. Looks like it's going to get rough.

3/5/98 Spearmint Rhino buys Risky Business

Again, this club has changed hands. This time, by vetern strip club chain, Spearmint Rhino. Maybe this new management team and new owners can do something in this otherwise cursed spot. The official opening date has not been announced.

3/1/98 Glitter Gulch Now Open 24 Hours

The Girls of Glitter Gulch, the only club on Las Vegas' Fremont Street, is now open for business 24 hours a day.

3/1/97 Tally Ho Busted

Tally Ho was busted again by vice. This time, for lewd conduct by the dancers. Now, the dancers are not supposed to sit on your lap during the breaks between songs.

2/15/98 Club Paradise gives VIP cards to locals

Club Paradise, in an attempt to capture the local market, has started giving out VIP cards to anyone showing a Nevada ID. Prior to this, it was not advertised, but your ID worked in the same manner.

2/15/98 Cheetahs Raises Lap Prices

Cheetahs, once one of the lowest priced laps in Sin City, has raised their lap prices to $20 even on the main floor after 6pm. However, you'll find that most of the dancers will charge $20 for lap dances anywhere, anytime now.

2/6/98 Judges grants Class Action status

In the ongoing saga of the contractor vs. employee, a judge has granted the court case filed by several dancers against the clubs class action status. There is also an Las Vegas Review Journal article about the class action status.

2/1/98 Can Can Room Remodels

The Can Can Room is in the process of remodeling. According to the new manager, the lap dances are now at the same rate as the other clubs as well.

12/26/97 Crazy Horse Too Re-opens

Crazy Horse Too reopens for business after several weeks of being completely closed during remodeling.

12/15/97 Lil' Darlings Busted for Alcohol

The battle continued with the Las Vegas police dept. as Lil' Darlings was fined $50,000 for allowing customers to bring in alcohol. Resident Terry May has written a opinion article on the subject.

12/1/97 Olympic Garden to go 24 hours

In a logical move, Olympic Garden is changing it's hours of operation to a 24 hour format. It's currently open from noon until 6am. This will allow the club to add another shift in an otherwise lucrative slot which only several other clubs are taking advantage of in a city which never sleeps.

11/24/97 Crazy Horse Too in the midst of Renovation

The Crazy Horse Too has begun Phase One of a $1,000,000 plus renovation and expansion program. The first phase will be completed by New Year's Eve, and renovation is well underway. Phase one includes a new interior entrance with a raised ceiling and granite floors and walls, a new admissions and merchandise center, a gazebo with cigars and beer, new vibrant red carpet with Crazy Horse Too logos, the incorporation of Roman style columns, two new bars on either side of the Club, the elimination of the two existing bars, the elimination of the existing stages, and the installation of a new central stage with all of the state of the art lighting and special effects, an expanded Emperor's Room (VIP Room) which will include a sit down bar and it's own granite bathrooms, new granite and tile bathrooms in the main Club, new barstools at the new bars, all new tables and chairs to seat 400 + persons, ...all of this in the phase one renovation. Source: Crazy Horse Too headquarters

11/20/97 Citations issued at Adultdex

On Wednesday, Las Vegas police issued 9 citations for "lewd and dissolute conduct" and 2 citations for "performing a live sex act" during Adultdex. The live sex act consisted of two performers touching each other on stage. A case of Las Vegas cracking down? Not so says Metro. If the promoters of Adultdex would have checked ID at the door to insure the conventioneers were at least 18, this would have never happened. See a full story along with pictures in an Las Vegas Review Journal article.

11/12/97 Risky Business Re-Opens

The club on Highland is finally re-opening. There is a private party on Wednesday the 12th, and the grand opening is on the 13th. David McKibbin and wife, a management team originally from Houston, TX, of Caligula XI, Rick's, and The Men's Club fame and more currently, from Risky Business' Sacramento club, will be managing. SaReena Lee will be a
house headliner.

11/10/97 Manager of Exotica Dies in Car Accident

On a sad note, one of the managers of Exotica, Larry, was killed in a car accident this past weekend. He was also a former manager at Lil' Darlings and Deja Vu. Another male passenger was dead on arrival. A third male passenger and dancer from Deja Vu, Candy, was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Candy is currently still in a coma. The status of the third male is unknown.

11/1/97 New Management for Deja Vu clubs

Again, new management has come into town. Bill, supposedly from their Hawaii club, now oversees both the Deja Vu and Lil' Darlings clubs here in Las Vegas.

11/1/97 Miss Palomino Contest Cancelled

Due to promotional problems, The Miss 1998 Palomino contest has been cancelled by the club indefintely. No comments could be obtained from the promoter George Morejon.

10/31/97 Risky Business opening again

There is no exact date, however, Risky Business, has placed an ad in the Las Vegas Review Journal looking for help and advertising SaReena Lee as a feature. Located where Tiffany's and Runway 69 used to be, the club was open for less than a month last time before they shut down. Let's see if they can keep it open for longer this time around.

10/15/97 New General Manager at Club Paradise

Howard, the long time manager of Club Paradise resigned for unknown reasons. Dennis, from Sheik's Palace Royale in Minnesota has replaced him.

10/1/97 Wild J's on HBO

The only club in Las Vegas to have regular features can be seen on HBO's Real Sex #18 all through the month of October. Footage shot through several feature sets throughout the year as well as during CES can be seen. Check it out!

10/17/97 Miss Palomino 1997 Update

Over $17,500 in prizes and nationally televised on pay-per-view, the first ever Miss Palomino contest is sure to be hot. Sponsored by Coors, promoter George Morejon has several celebrity (non-competing) guests already signed. Venus Delight, Samantha Strong, Mistress Ariana are just a few of the guests.

9/27/97 Club Paradise owner sentenced

Salvatore 'Sam' Cecola was sentenced, by U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras, to a jail term and a $10,000 fine. This is from a conviction of conspiracy to defraud the United States Government charge in February where Sam Cecola and two other men were found guilty of skimming more than $2 million dollars from several adult bookstores. Sam Cecola begins his 46 month prison sentence beginning January 20, 1998. A Las Vegas Review Journal article
is also available.

8/1/97 Lil' Darling changes management again

The previous manager of Lil Darlings, Gordon, has left Las Vegas to manage the new acquisition of Totally Titanium on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Lee and Holiday have been left in charge. On another front, new carpeting has been installed and cameras are still in the horizon.

8/1/97 Club Exotica - Grand Re-Opening

After a week of being closed, Club Exotica re-opens with new private booths, several theme rooms, and some new furniture. The staff is still the same with the exception of a new manager, Larry, previously of Deja Vu.

7/15/97 Lacy's Open For Business

Lacy's, the new no-cover, no-minimum club attached to the Palomino is officially open. Set up both as a hostess bar and show/lap club, it's an interesting setup.

7/15/97 Heatwave at Maxim Hotel/Casino

The old Heatwave show which appeared several times a night throughout the week at Club Paradise is now over at The Maxim Hotel/Casino. If you didn't catch it then, go see it now. Karin Denise and her troupe are very talented and bring a new dimension to stripping.

7/13/97 New Club Illusions makes Offer on Web

A new club chain named Illusions made it's debut on usenet and the web. Offering a chance for just about anyone to own a piece of a strip club, this is a chance for those interested who never had a chance to do anything in the past. Their webpage is located at: http://members.aol.com/IlusionINC/index.html.


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