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Pure Pleasure


Club Information

  1. Address: 3177 S. Highland Dr (between Spearmint Rhino and Cheetahs) (Click Here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-699-5455
  3. Cover: $10 which includes 2 non-alcoholic drinks
  4. Hours: 7pm-4am
  5. Type of Club: Nude

Club Review

Pure Pleasure has been closed.

Another nude club which has just opened, Pure Pleasure has been an adult bookstore for quite a long time. The cabaret entrance is now to the left side of the bookstore, and says 'The Pleasure Den' on an yellow awning.

There has been local advertisements looking for new dancers, but the club has not yet started offering coupons for discounts or free entry. The cover is $10, but that includes two drink tickets good for 2 non-alcoholic drinks.

When you first walk into the club, you'll actually feel the illusion of a much larger club than it is. There are mirrors along the walls which make you think so from the beginning. However, as your eyes adjust, you'll realize that the club is probably no more than 15x50. To illustrate how narrow the club is, between the stage and the only row of chairs against the right side wall, there is a walkway that's maybe 3 feet in diameter.

There are padded chairs which are comfortable, and they mostly face the small square stage. There are a couple of poles on stage, but they seem to be used more for balance rather than acrobatics. The bar and DJ is at the very end of the club. You can usually see an array of CD's laying all over the bar.

When you turn in one of your ticket stubs for your non-alcoholic drinks, you can either sit towards the entrance which would be considered the front of the room, or closer to stage. There are no stageside seats since the club is so narrow, so the seats closest to stage, are about as close as you're going to get.

The stage shows will vary from not so good to decent. There hasn't been anything spectacular so far, and with the size of this club, that might continue to be the case. Stageside tipping can either be done by putting the money on stage or by walking up to the dancer. If you walk up to tip, usually you'll get a bit of contact.

There aren't too many girls working per shift at this point, and there may be anywhere from 3 to 5 girls working. The quality will undoubtedly change as time goes on. Joey is a cute dancer who started when this club first opened.

The lap dances are decent contact, but there is no private area for laps. What this means is that you'll probably get a better value elsewhere. There's a sign behind the bar that says to tip the dancers $5, $10, or $20, but it doesn't really say what for, however, the dancers seem to charge $20 for lap dances.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C (very small)
  • Dancer Attitude: B (friendly)
  • Attractiveness: C (average)
  • Stageshow: C (okay)
  • Lap Dance: C+ (decent to variable)



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