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Pussycat's Adult Night Club


Club Information

  1. Address: 3525 S. Procyon Ave (near corner of Spring Mtn/Procyon)
  2. Phone: 702-365-1408
  3. Cover: $10
  4. Drink Minimum: One (1) non-alcoholic drink at $8.00
  5. Hours: 1pm-5am
  6. Type of Club: Nude
  7. Dancer Notes: $20 jukebox fee, $20 tipout

Club Review

Pussycat's Adult Night Club is still one of the newest nude clubs in Las Vegas. You can see the glowing yellow sign easily from Spring Mountain Rd. Parking is available both on the street and in the small lot by the club. There is a one drink minimum and no local resident discount, however, the club is happy to give passes for your return visit. There are also passes available in the local adult publications like Vivid Quest and French Kiss.

This is a small to medium sized club which is in a new looking building. There is an adult toy/bookstore in the front, and the club entrance is to the side. There is actually a lot of room for expansion if the club ever needs it, as the adult toy/bookstore section barely uses any of the room up front. There is also an upstairs section which should be open sometime mid-year which is actually bigger than the downstairs section. The dancer's dressing room is also currently upstairs.

There is a single stage with 3 poles. There are mirrors on three walls. There is no DJ, and the jukebox is behind the bar. There are also several rows of lounge chairs a la Tally Ho. As a sidenote, if the club reminds you of Tally-Ho, maybe it's because the management here are defectors from Tally-Ho. "Taking the best parts of Tally Ho and making it better," was the general sentiment at Pussycat's.

The girls here are average with a few standouts, but it seems to be getting better. Angel, a girl who started when the club opened, is a hottie and worth your time. The overall quality of the girls is sure to vary because this is still a newer club.

The stage dances offer minimal contact with dancers taking tips with their breasts and g-strings. The girls do two song sets, getting topless the first and nude by the second. The lap dances are still some of the higher contact laps in Las Vegas and cost $20.

There is also a VIP room or 'Jungle Room' with an entrance towards the front of the bar. Inside, there are three seperate rooms with curtains. This makes for a very private setting as we haven't observed any cameras at this time. The cost is $120 for 15 minutes, $200 for 1/2 hour and $350 for a full hour.

If dancer to customer contact continues to be high, you can be sure this new club will continually steal business away from Tally-Ho. For the time being, this is one of the better nude lap dance spots in Las Vegas.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: B (new club)
  • Dancer Attitude: B (fairly nice)
  • Attractiveness: C+ (okay with a few lookers)
  • StageShow: B- (may get better)
  • Lap Dance: B (good contact)



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