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The ratings in these pages reflect an independant, critical look at strip clubs. I spend many hours in these clubs while traveling and keep up with the latest news via newsgroups, dancer/management friends, and updates from the clubs themselves. I do not work for any of these clubs nor do I work for any affiliated businesses.

The rating given is a guide to what I think of the category within a particular strip club. Certainly, club categories with a grade of B or above are very good to excellent, and any category rated A- or above will be outstanding in that category. While some have suggested that scoring is not very well suited for an avenue in the adult industry that has largely been viewed as very personal, the value obtained from strip clubs are no different than any other consumer product. There are specific standards of quality that regular club-goers recognize, and there are benchmark clubs against which other clubs can be judged. I know of no one, after going to two or three clubs, regardless of how good or bad the clubs might be, who cannot say, "I prefer this one to that one." Rating strip clubs is simply taking a reviewer's opinion and applying some sort of scoring system to it on a consistent basis. Rating permits rapid communication of information to experts and novices alike.

Ratings, however, do not reveal the important facts about a strip club. The written commentary that accompanies the ratings is a better source of information regarding the club's style and personality, it's relative quality level vis-a-vis its peers, and it's value more than any single score or rating could ever indicate.

Here's then is a general guide to interpreting the ratings:

"A" is given only for an outstanding or special effort in a particular category. Categories receiving this rating are the very best of their type. There is a big difference between A- and A+, but both are top marks. There are very few clubs which will get this top grade in their perspective categories.

"B" is given for an effort that is very, very good; and many clubs which have categories which fall into this section represent great values for the club-goer as well. Again, there is a big difference between B- and B+. I personally like many clubs which have categories that score into this range.

"C" represents an average mark, but obviously a C+ is much more desirable than a C-. Clubs with categories that receive ratings in the C range are generally pleasant, straightforward clubs that lack the special something that bumps them up into the next level of higher rated clubs.

"D" and "F" represent categories which, depending on where you went to school, are flawed. This rating will mean that this category will be of little interest to the discriminating club-goer.

Ratings are important for the reader to gauge a critic's overall qualitative placement of a strip club vis-a-vis its peer group. However, it is also vital to consider the written description of a club. No scoring system is perfect, but a system that provides for flexibility in ratings, if applied by the same reviewer without prejudice, can quantify different levels of club quality and provide the reader with one reviewer's judgement. However, there can never be any substitute for your own judgement nor any better education than going to the clubs yourself.


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