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Club Information

  1. Address: 3344 S. Highland Highland Rd just right of Flamingo
  2. Phone: 702-796-3600
  3. Cover: $5 before 6pm, $10 after 6pm
  4. Hours: 3pm-3am
  5. Type of Club: Nude
  6. Last Visit: 12/15/97
  7. Dancer Notes: currently no stagefee

Club Review


This club has been bought out by the Spearmint Rhino chain of clubs. They will be re-opening soon under the Spearmint Rhino name.

NOTE! This club is current closed. It mentions remodeling on the front door, however, I think the ownership is evaluating the viability of keeping this club open. During the month it was open, business seemed really slow.

Owned by the same owners as the Risky Business in Sacramento, CA, the owners have done a good job of gutting out Tiffany's and remodeling. The place is now a lot more open and classier. When you walk into the club, you go through a mini corridor and pay cover at the inside entrance. The DJ booth is directly to your right and the bar is recessed to your left. The stage is on the far left center wall and has two sides. There is a brass pole on each side. The steps to walk onto the stage is right in the center. The center of the room is seperated by a mini-retainer wall that are actually benches. Basically there are more benches along the rear wall with tables and chairs spread out through the center area.

The amount and quality of girls are currently sporadic and I predict they will continue on like this for at least a few months. There might be 4 or 5 girls on a weeknight and maybe 10-15 on weekends.

As far as dances go, the stageshow really varies at all. There seems to be quite a few new dancers here. The laps can vary from very mild to pretty good nude grind. Pick your dancers carefully. The rules haven't really been set yet, so for now, a lot can happen. The prices haven't really been set, so a lot of bargaining seems to be going on.

We'll keep an eye out in the next few months to see how the club progresses. If you have a review, please send it in to

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JayJ 3/28/97


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