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Play It Again, Sam


Club Information

  1. Address: 4120 W. Spring Mtn. Rd
  2. Phone: 702-876-1550
  3. Cover: $10 + two $6 drinks from full alcohol bar
  4. Hours: Opens at 11:00am, closes at 7am
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Food/Drink: Lunch/Dinner, Full Bar
  7. Dancer Notes:

Club Review

This is a brand new topless club which has somehow opened with an alcohol permit. This has not happened since 1991. The owner of this club is Randy Kiefer, the same person who owns Kiefer's steakhouse on top of Carriage House and the new Kiefer's restaurant in Henderson. He was also one of the owners of The Elephant Bar along with Rick Snowden of Tally-Ho. Set with a 40's theme, Play it Again Sams was a supper club and fairly well rated restaurant prior to becoming an adult entertainment venue as well. The club seems to be catering to a higher class clientele.

Supposedly, the club has not been charging a cover nor imposing the 2 drink minimum, and that was indeed the case during the time of our review. However, that is what was quoted over the telephone, so the information on the cover charge and drink minimum will remain.

When you first walk into the club, the DJ booth is directly to your left right past the host/hostess area. When you walk in, the bar is straight ahead, slightly to the left. If you continue to the left, the main stage has two poles and is shaped like several waves on the right side, almost like several overlapping grand pianos. To the left of the stage, there are about seven booths which are set in a cabana style theme. There are seats all around the stage. There are also several tables in the main room. The restrooms are to the right of the stage area. Hanging over the bar, is a closed circuit television set which shows the stage in the other room. But back to the other room, as you first walked in, instead of veering left, if you continued forward, there is another stage shaped almost like a blocky eight with two poles. There is also a closed circuit television showing the main stage over this stage. There is also another entrance way into another dining area which is seperated with glass from the main room. There is an additonal four booths with several more tables in this dining area.

The restaurant has very good food. The drink prices are the same as when the club was a regular supper club. A vodka cranberry ran $4. Appetizer wise, the Garlic Pepperoncini Calamari ($8) is very good, and the Crispy Eggplant Pancakes ($8) are quite delicious. As for the entrees, the Filet Mignon ($21) cuts like butter and is very tender and full of flavor. Kiefer's Katch ($20) is orange roughy with crab and cheddar baked in a pastry shell, is a very unique combination. Soup ($5) or Salad ($5) are also available.

The dancers range from 5's to 7's with more on the lower side currently. Maybe this will get better as the club gets better known. The girls wear evening gowns between sets on stage. The stage shows are two song sets, with the dancer going topless by the second song. So far, the stage shows are okay and not extremely exciting. The lap dances are more of a tame version of a table dance. Very little if any contact whatsoever. The dancers can't approach you or your companions while you're sitting in the booths without an invitation.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: B (interesting club/restaurant)
  • Dancer Attitude: B- (nice and chatty)
  • Attractiveness: B- (so far, very few lookers)
  • StageShow: C+ (could be much better)
  • Lap Dance: C (not much contact)
  • Restaurant: B+ (very good food)



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