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Club Information

  1. Address: 1818 N. Las Vegas Blvd
  2. Phone: 702-649-3590
  3. Cover: Free
  4. Hours: 5pm - close
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Food/Drink: Full Bar
  7. Dancer Notes: Tipout at around 10% (not mandatory)

Club Review

This little club is located right before you hit the Palomino when coming from downtown Vegas and in fact it is indeed owned by the same owner, Gale Perry. The hours are not really set here as they do open at 5pm, but close depending on the traffic of business. If there are customers, they will stay open real late. However sometimes, it's just plain closed.

As you walk into this place, there is a seating area to your left, a bar to your right. On the other side of the bar, however, is the main stage. There is seating all around and one pole on stage. It stage itself is fairly rectangular. Then again, the remainder of the room has benches and tables with chairs. There is no cover charge, but you do have to buy one drink.

The gals in this place were fairly average with a couple that were very cute or good looking. The attitude is great and it's as if these girls have no idea what the word hustle means. You can almost certainly chat for hours in this place as I assume the regulars do. This club does seem to cater to regulars. A local's hangout I suppose. There was one gal in particular, Jasper, who is just as sweet as can be and has the brains to match. A petite brunette with a very nice natural body, her stageshow was very good and though I didn't have the time to get a lap dance from her, her personable nature would suggest something very worthwhile.

More on laps. The dances are $20, but I didn't really see too many other guys getting dances during the time I was there, but the ones I did see were with pretty good contact and the guys had smiles on their faces.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C+ (lots of wasted space)
  • Dancer Attitude: B- (talkative)
  • Attractiveness: C+ (very few cuties)
  • StageShow: C+ (average)
  • Lap Dance: B- (minimal contact)



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