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Spearmint Rhino


Club Information

  1. Address: 3344 S. Highland Highland Rd just right of Flamingo
  2. Phone: 702-796-3600
  3. Cover: $10 after 8pm
  4. Hours: 11pm-8pm (FREE) 8pm-6am (COVER)
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Website:
  7. Dancer Notes: $15 stagefee + $5 per dance to house

Club Review

Located where Risky Business was, and Tiffany's before that, and, well... countless other clubs before that, Spearmint Rhino has changed the whole layout of the club as well as taking over Inferno next door, a previous gay club, and making it into the Spearmint Rhino Lounge.

When you walk into the club, you go through a mini corridor and pay cover at the inside entrance. It has totally been remodeled and is great looking. The walls have been redone with the Spearmint Rhino look and is a mix between futuristic and classy. When you walk in through the Lounge entrance, the bar is straight ahead. Right before that is another set of double glass doors to your right which leads to a VIP room. Right past the main bar area to the right is the billiards room with two tables. There are also semi-private boothes all along the far wall.

The DJ booth is all the way to your right on the other room to the very right and the bar is recessed to your left. The stage is in the center of the room with a brass pole. Along the right or rear wall depending on which way you're facing is a barrier with an entrance in the middle to the lap booth area. Each booth has a seperator for privacy.

The amount and quality of girls will definitely be currently sporadic and I predict they will continue on like this for quite awhile.

As far as dances go, the stageshow really varies. As mentioned, many of the initial girls will be imports. There will continually be quite a few new dancers here for the first few months. The laps, which are $20, will vary from very mild to pretty good grind as many of the girls will be dancing similarly to the styles they're accustomed to from the other clubs they come from. Pick your dancers carefully. The rules haven't really been set yet, so for now, laps will wildly vary but in general, aren't bad.

Spearmint Rhino has a very good track record in making clubs work and making both themselves and the dancers money.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: A- (great looking)
  • Dancer Attitude: B- (will vary greatly)
  • Attractiveness: B- (some lookers)
  • StageShow: B- (varied shows)
  • Lap Dance: B- (will vary greatly)



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