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Club Information

  1. Address: 3750 Valley View Blvd (down the street from Rio and Gold Coast) (Click Here for Map)
  2. Phone: 702-253-1555
  3. Cover: $20 which includes a bottomless drink Locals get in FREE but pay $10 for bottomeless drink
  4. Hours: 11am-6am
  5. Type of Club: Nude
  6. Website:

Club Review

Striptease One of the newest in the onslaught of nude clubs in Las Vegas. This club is owned by the owners of four Los Angeles based clubs: Star Strip, Star Strip Too, 7th Veil, and Crazy Girls.

Located down the street from both the Rio Hotel/Casino and the Gold Coast, it's on the east side of Valley View. You can't miss the snazzy neon sign.

There's a bar right at the driveway entrance called the Next Door Lounge, which is probably owned by the same management in an attempt to keep their customers from straying far in order to get a drink. They also have a limo with their club name on the side, indicating that free rides can definitely be arranged from your hotel/casino.

As you first walk into the club, down a hallway, you come to a podium where you'll have to turn left into the actual club. The doorman will take your $20 cover which includes a bottomless non-alcoholic drink.

Once inside the club, there's a glass retaining wall which blocks the complete view of the stage until you're either seated by stage or in another general section of the club. The stage is rectangular shaped up towards the top and then has a round shape towards the bottom. There is a single pole on the rectangular section and three (3) poles on the round section. The DJ booth is to the far right rear of the club, and the dancer's dressing rooms are on the far left rear. The lap booths are in between the DJ booth and dressing room, but behind the stage, behind another retaining wall at the back of the stage.

Whether you get seated or find your own seat, the waitress will bring your drink to you. Most of the laps are being done in 6 to 8 booths located behind the stage. It's a strange setup. You'd have to see it to really understand, but it gives the customer a lot more privacy than before. Then there's theme room and a a VIP section on the left side of the club. The bar is back towards the entrance to the right, and the ATM machine is to the left.

The stageshows vary depending on the dancer, and since this is a newer club, the quality will vary undoubtedly for quite a while. With the poles involved on stage, there will probbably be some decent shows in the future.

The girls will of course vary because this club is new. However, because of the fact that this club has 4 other Los Angeles clubs to draw from, there will probably be some lookers over the weekends.

Table dances are $20, and lap dances are $30. In order to go into the VIP room, there's a 2 dance minimum. Contact here can be decent for the lap dances, but will vary from girl to girl. It will range from very high contact/grind to airdance, so choose carefully.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: B (new club)
  • Dancer Attitude: B- (fairly friendly)
  • Attractiveness: B- (some lookers)
  • Stageshow: B- (okay stageshow)
  • Lap Dance: B- (can be good)



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