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Club Information

  1. Address: 2580 S. Highland Dr
  2. Phone: 702-792-9330
  3. Cover: $10
  4. Drink Minimum: One (1) $8 drink
  5. Hours: 24 hours
  6. Type of Club: Nude
  7. Homepage:
  8. Dancer Notes: salary (hourly) as employee, $25 stagefee + $5 to jukebox per stage set

Club Review

This club is owned by Rick Snowden who also used to own the adult swinger's club Hide and Seek on Highland here in Vegas.

Located in a very industrial area, you can't miss this place when you drive by it. When you order your non-alcoholic drink, it'll cost you $8. There's a stage and a bar downstairs. I don't think the downstairs stage is ever in operation. Once upstairs there is a small stage and 2 private dance rooms (dens) towards the rear. Two additional "dens" can be created on the fly with some drapes/curtains that the club has installed. Love those lazy boy seats. Even though the place is small and dumpy, it is very comfortable and cozy. Without the cozy feeling, this place would not have even gotten the rating I gave it for design.

The stageshows are decent, but since the stage is so small, most of the dances aren't very acrobatic, but you'll be sure to get some great views. Also, the ceiling isn't very high which doesn't allow for really good pole work. However, a couple of gals there really turned on the heat when they were on stage.

The shifts now run from 4pm-12am, 12am-8am, and 8am-4pm. There are usually between 5-7 girls during day shift and 7-12 during the night/swing shift and about 5-7 girls during the early morning shift. In general, the better looking girls work during the swing shift. The attractiveness level of the early morning shift is low but the nasty level is higher. Be forewarned, the quantity of the dancers have dropped especially during the day and early morning shifts, however there seems to be plenty of new girls showing up with each visit.

Now as for laps, the regular laps are $20 and decent, but YMWV depending on the girl. This club still has some of the best laps in Las Vegas however. Very nice contact. What used to be the best dances bar none in Las Vegas back in the VIP rooms (fox den) are still good, but nowhere near where they used to be. It still costs approximately $175 for 1/2 hour ($75 of it goes to the house), and unless you're really enjoying yourself with a particular gal, I wouldn't run back there blindly. Dancer drinks are $16.

NOTE: The club still tries to give change back in $2 bills. So just in case, get your own $1's before going in if you don't feel like tipping $2 each time at stage.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C+ (small and dumpy)
  • Dancer Attitude: B (fairly friendly)
  • Attractiveness: B- (some lookers)
  • StageShow: C+ (okay, but small stage)
  • Lap Dance: B+ (very good contact)
  • VIP Lap Dance: A- (a bit better)



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