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Tender Trap


Club Information

  1. Address: 311 E. Flamingo
  2. Phone: 702-732-1111
  3. Cover: None
  4. Hours: open until 6am
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Dancer Notes: $15 stagefee

Club Review

Located on Flamingo, right around the corner from the Hard Rock hotel/casino. This is actually probably one of the closest clubs to the new strip. It's a small, boxlike, but cozy little place. They've remodeled inside recently and customers can actually sit close to stage now. Jukebox during the day and DJ shows up around 8pm. The gals do two to three song sets on the little stage.

The club has had it's fair share of up and down swings. Currently, it's staying fairly level. There are some very plain girls, but there are several gals during every shift definitely worth shaking a stick at. The laps are very very tame with minimal to no contact; aka Air Dances. I've never seen a lot of dances going on. Perhaps the gals would get more dances if they dropped the price. You can basically get the same by sitting by stage or by the outside island. Overall, this is a tame club built for locals.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C (small, simple club)
  • Dancer Attitude: B (some very friendly)
  • Attractiveness: C+ (very few lookers)
  • StageShow: C (average)
  • Lap Dance: C- (little or no contact)



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