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January is a month with mega-conventions. CES, IA2000, and so much more where the adult industry gathers in Las Vegas. February is also a month with a lot of conventions too. Welcome to Las Vegas with higher room rates than a night of lap dances.


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Club Paradise

Yes, the classiest club in town stays in the Top 5. This club may not have the largest quantity of girls, but there is no match for this gentleman's club, bar none, when it comes to pure eye candy. The mileage isn't the highest, and the drinks aren't the cheapest, but if you like gorgeous model types, this is your place.

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Wild J's
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Feature performers, a friendly atmosphere, and down to earth girls. This is indeed the only club in Las Vegas to have features every week. What's the draw of a feature? Well, for one, their familiarity and popularity. Then there's usually their incredible stage presence and wonderful costumes. If you've never seen a feature show, you don't know what you're missing. The house girls at Wild J's seem to always be favorites of out of town visitors as well as many locals alike. They also have a $5 OFF coupon available only on Las Vegas Strip Club Review.

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[Cheetah's Logo]

Cheetah's comes in this month as number 3 in the roller coaster ride of strip clubs. This club has been a favorite of locals for quite a few years. There are always a large variety of women here, which makes finding your favorite dancer a fun task. You can read more in the Cheetahs review page.

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Crazy Horse Too

Crazy Horse Too has become the choice for locals and visitors alike with great looking women, friendly attitudes, and hard core laps. The night shift can be completely stunning and incredible. An overflow room was added, but that may be shut off for a period of time due to zoning problems. Try out the emperor's room for some heavy duty lap action. You can read more about Crazy Horse Too in our club review.
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Olympic Garden

[Olympic Garden

Olympic Garden continues to impress visitors and locals alike. There are more incredible looking girls than any other club in Las Vegas. It really is amazing when you don't see repeats of girls going up on stage throughout most if not the whole night. The stage action is sizzling. Sit by stage and find out why. The laps are also great, and get even hotter in the VIP room. Of course, for the ladies, there is still a upstairs male revue for the ladies nightly, however, it seems that many women prefer to stay downstairs with the female dancers! You can read more in our review.


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