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Normally, we wouldn't advise anyone NOT to go to any particular establishment, but there are several places in Las Vegas which we will currently recommend against. Even though some of the following places are swinger's hangouts or are posing as swinger's hangouts, they can be similar to the clip joints of Las Vegas past, and can be nothing more than rip off joints, especially if you're a single male. Remember, prostitution is illegal within Las Vegas city limits, and any establishment which infers that you can receive sex for money while on their premises is misleading you. Be aware, be careful. If a cabbie offers to take you to any of these places, he/she is most likely being paid a nice chunk of money. Look at cabbie payouts for current rates. Tell him/her to screw off and that you know that it's a clip joint. Okay, now onto the places to avoid:

(formerly Thee Place)

953 E. Sahara B-20
Commerical Center

In Commercial Center, a block south of Sahara Blvd

This place was a big time clip joint when it was Thee Place, but it has recently changed it's name and are now labeling themselves as a swinger's hangout. It is owned by Terry Gorden, king of the past Las Vegas Clip Joints. If you must go, go as a couple or with a partner. If it does indeed bring in a swinger crowd, it would be for couples anyway and not for single men. If any hired dancers there offer private shows for money, it will be a scam. YOU WILL NOT GET LAID with one of the dancers. You'd be much better off going to a regular strip club. You will also not be able to get naked with the girls, especially if they offer to go into the hot tub with you. Under Las Vegas law Title 10, Chapter 10.34.040 , it becomes pretty obvious that if any promises are made they sure won't be delivered. You can read a fellow reader's review.


3084 S. Highland Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-650-2747

One mile west of The Strip

This used to be owned by Rick Snowden, owner of Tally-Ho, and was supposedly taken over and operated by the Terry Gordon group. We've been informed that the new owners are Brandt and Chris, but we have no idea of their affiliation with Terry Gordon. The club does have hired dancers (hostesses) who will private dance for money. Again, if this is the case, YOU WILL NOT GET LAID by the dancers (hostesses) if it is inferred, and you are better off in a regular strip club for topless or nude shows if you're seeking strippers. For single males, it's $40 for the cover during the week and $50 over the weekends. So caveat emptor .. buyer beware. Know what you're getting into. The following is a review from a single male customer. They tote themselves as a 'swingers club', which is suited primarily for couples in the lifestyle, so if you're a single male, please look elsewhere for strip club style entertainment. Please note, since this is not a strip club per se, we will not be reviewing this establishment. If you are a couple active in the lifestyle, please look elsewhere for swinger's reviews as we can not recommend for or against this establishment in that capacity.

Comfort Zone

on Industrial Blvd

in the same building compelx as Can Can Room
(It is NOT part of the Can Can Room)

If you're a single male looking for sex, please stay away from the above establishments at all cost. In 99% of the scenarios, YOU WILL NOT GET LAID. Again, here is a review posted by a customer of Thee Place (Now Green Door), and another review posted about Hide N Seek. As long as these places continue to mislead customers, let's all hope these places go out of business soon.


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