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What's Up


Club Information

  1. Address: 1101 Boulder Hwy
  2. Phone: 702-565-3346
  3. Cover: Free
  4. Hours: closes at 2am
  5. Type of Club: Topless
  6. Dancer Notes:

Club Review

When driving on Boulder highway from Las Vegas, the club What's Up is located on the right side across the street from The Joker's Wild Casino. The building itself is fairly decently sized and as you walk in the front entrance, directly to your left, is a lap dance area, and further up on your left, you will see the runway stage with no poles, 3 pool tables towards the back of the room, and the bar to the right. There are quite a few tables and chairs since the place does have quite a bit of square footage.

Beers here are only $2.75 for domestic and $3.00 for imports. I can see why locals hang out here. All of the other customers in this place knew everyone else as well as the dancers working. A fairly rough looking biker type crowd, they all seemed civil enough but were all having a fairly drunken good time. Overall, the gals are average to less than average on the looks side, however, there are a few diamonds in the rough occasionally. On the attitude end, they were fairly pleasant, but nothing to write home to mom about if you're not a local.

The stage shows are 2 song sets and the girls get pretty nasty on stage. For a buck or two, there is plenty of contact. The locals seem to love this type of action as I didn't see much private dancing going on. The table dances are priced at $20, but there's probably much more contact at the stage. The new lap area towards the front of the club is being used, but the gals seem to be giving a lot of airdances.

Like I mentioned above, this is a local hangout. Nothing special, but if you really feel like looking at some topless women for free and drink some cheap beers, this is your place.

Club Rating

  • Club Design: C- (grungy)
  • Dancer Attitude: C+ (nothing special)
  • Attractiveness: D+ (not so great)
  • StageShow: C+ (can get nasty)
  • Table Dance: C- (ho-hum airdance)



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