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The following clubs listed are either the one's that hire on a regular basis or have been requested by people looking for employment. Club policies and rates change throughout the year so please confirm with the club at the time of your appointment or interview. We are not responsible for errors although we have tried to be as accurate as possible. If you have any corrections, please email If there are additional clubs you wish to see listed, just send an email request. The following is fairly self explanatory. The club name, telephone number, and specific contact (if available) is listed in the first column. The Stagefee (rent) which is what the dancer's pay the club to work, as well as any other fees to work is listed in the second column. Tipouts are usually to the doorman and DJ, but check with the particular club you're interested in (housemom, other dancers, etc) to see who else should be included in the loop. Additional notes like times, and other information is listed in the third column. Please note that a Sherrif's Card is required for you to work at any strip club in Las Vegas. For additional work tips, look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

The following is also available in a table format.

Club/Phone/Contact Stagefee/Payouts Notes
CanCan Room $15 + 40% of private shows 702-737-1161
Club Paradise $25-$65 stagefee Call after 8pm 702-734-7990 + various tipouts Dennis
Crazy Horse Too $15-$55 + tipouts 18 and over can only 702-382-8003 (depending on work 1pm-9pm shift any shift manager shift)
Cheetah's $35-$45 depending Shifts run: 702-384-0074 on shift 1-9pm,9pm-5am,5am-1pm any shift manager
Deja Vu 5-8 drinks Make Appointment 702-894-4167 (or $50-$80) $7 per lap goes to house Bob + tipouts
Forbidden Club $40 + tipouts call after 8pm 702-252-8559 $5 per lap goes to house Dave
Glitter Gulch $40 + tipouts 702-385-4774 Shift Manager
Lil' Darlings 5-8 drinks Make Appointment 702-366-1633 (or $50-$80) $7 per lap goes to house + tipouts
Olympic Garden $35 + tipouts Sundays 7pm-11pm 702-385-9361 Nick
The Palomino $40 + tipouts 702-642-2984 Mrs. Perry
Spearmint Rhino $15 stagefee 702-796-3600 $5 per dance to house Phil
Tally-Ho minimum wage you need to be a Vegas 702-792-9330 $5 per set for resident to work here Rick jukebox, $25 stagefee
Tender Trap $15 stagefee + tipouts 702-732-1111


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